Capitol Energy Systems

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Capitol Energy Systems is an innovator, offering simple, easy to use, and low cost energy management solutions. We offer the most secure connected energy management systems on the market. We are the industry leader in security, offering the only wireless thermostat that can connect via 802.1X WIFI, and will soon be releasing the first 4G LTE cellular thermostat.

TECS is your simplest low-cost energy management service that delivers energy efficiency monitoring, cost savings, and real time alerts for your facility. By simply replacing your existing thermostat with our industry leading secure connected thermostat, you instantly gain the insight of a complex energy management system, yet at a fraction of the cost. With our innovative cloud solution and intelligent data analysis, we provide you with the tools to eliminate behavioral waste, centralize control, and provide real time use data to help you understand the health of your HVAC system. Our energy dashboard provides instant insight into current building status, and preemptively shows where HVAC units are beginning to fail. Businesses, schools, property managers, and churches are significantly reducing their kWh consumption after installing TECS, averaging a 17% reduction. Our energy optimization team provides 24/7 monitoring and quarterly reports with additional energy saving recommendation.

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