CopperTree Analytics

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Our mission is driven by our passion to challenge status quo, and our mantra to empower our customers to take greater control of their buildings.

With CopperTree, you get more than just data presented back to you. Our system takes real time data and transforms this information into insights unique to your building. This means you take back control of managing your resources—people, time and money—as you have the clarity you need to schedule what’s important and deal with urgent issues in the most efficient manner.

We have over 40 years of practical energy and building management expertise, allowing us to bring you a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution to help you improve operational efficiencies and start saving energy now.

With CopperTree, you get more than just data. We deliver a comprehensive AI building analytics solution, consisting of an Energy Information System (EIS) and a Fault Detection and Diagnostics (FDD) platform with integrated system performance auditing.

Our mission is to ensure that smart buildings reach their full potential. We take your building’s data and translate it into actionable information, so you can take greater control of your building. CopperTree Analytics can help you reach targeted maintenance goals, reduce energy consumption and make better decisions about the operation of your building.

Our patented Machine Learning algorithm helps us automatically tag, group and contextualize all of your data points. The result? Our solution is far more efficient than any other product on the market.

We have the ability to connect to almost any Building Automation System (BAS) without an expensive integration, using our patented data acquisition technology. The only thing we install at your facility is our small, hand-held Edge Device hardware.

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