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Eltek Group is a global manufacturer of water conservation and water leak prevention shutoff devices. These solutions are high quality, innovative, affordable, and available to both the residential and commercial marketplace.

Our water conservation shutoff and monitoring devices can be installed on toilets, showerheads, or on any residential and commercial water appliance. The product portfolio includes cost effective, 100% mechanical shutoff devices (no batteries) and smart technology. The ability to STOP internal toilet tank leaks provides an instant payback on a single incident. The same device in a showerhead application helps conserve water use by influencing behavior toward a “green” mindset.

Eltek Group smart technology utilizes the same water shutoff feature to the supply line and includes a management dashboard to help understand water consumption patterns and issues alerts on abnormal water usage. All solutions offer significant financial value and “peace-of-mind” knowing that our automatic shutoff will protect your property from major water damage due to an appliance water leak or breach in the connecting water supply line.

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