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itty bit Better


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Making projects an itty bit Better through Energy, Sustainability, and Healthy Spaces. IBB is a three-tiered business offering Consulting, Process Improvement, and Education.

Here at AEE West, IBB is focused on offering our Process Improvement and Education services to the people that will benefit from them the most, Energy Engineers and alike! These services are targeted at businesses in the Energy, Sustainability, and Healthy Spaces industries that could use engineering expertise in improving their technical processes. Streamline commonly used spreadsheets, either quick calculations or complicated workbooks. Connect a Power BI Dashboard to automate processes and handle large amounts of data. IBB’s Education services can either be separate or go hand in hand in improving your team’s growth and efficiency. Learn the basics of Energy Engineering, how to perform audits, what measures to use in a building, or about the ever-evolving ESG reporting processes.

Process Improvement

  • Microsoft Excel & Power BI Expertise
  • Calculation Standardization
  • Template Creation
  • Project Data Management
  • Project Development and Organization


  • Training classes on topics in Energy, Sustainability, and Healthy Spaces
  • Custom Curriculum to help team growth

itty bit Better’s founder, Hannah Seeger, is a Certified Energy Manager from AEE as well as a Data Center Energy practitioner from the Department of Energy. Her experience as an Energy Engineer from working at several Fortune 500 companies, and a Mechanical Engineering degree from Penn State has provided the foundation for IBB.

The demand growth in the sustainability industry isn’t going to support itself without the growth in experienced engineers ready to do the work. IBB is looking to make your projects an itty bit Better but together we will make the world an itty bit Better!


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