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Irina Rasputnis


Jim Loewen

This presentation reviews the upgrade of an old 25,000 square foot airport terminal to a new, all-electric HVAC system. The existing built-up air handlers were replaced with DOAS equipment for ... Read more

Ron Major

Please reference the presentation submittal from Lisa Frasene at Seattle City Light.

Wes Hoppler

A brief tour through some of the salient points of building electrification from City of Seattle municipal experiences. This presentation addresses the following key areas: – Load measurement, right-sizing and ... Read more

Lisa Frasene

City Light partnered with Washington State Services for the Blind and UMC on a energy efficiency and electrification project. UMC and City Light will discuss the customer’s holistic approach of ... Read more

Kami Valentine

The importance of hiring a TAB contractor to support with RCx. And the required information the RCx PM shall require from the TAB contractor to collect for their RCx Study. ... Read more

Paul Gardner

Shelley Pattison

A high level overview of electric vehicle activity in Snohomish County Territory since the development of an Electric Vehicle Transportation plan in July 2020. We will discuss local program offerings, ... Read more

Vincent Sage

Costs and savings for retro-commissioning projects vary widely and are difficult to predict in advance because improvement measures aren’t known until after extensive investigation. However, sometimes clients require detailed estimates ... Read more

Kevin Simmons

In the last two years, hydrogen has seen a resurgence in activities. International and US governments have renewed their investment as an opportunity to mature hydrogen into the clean energy ... Read more

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