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Randall Higa

As new policies and standards require decarbonization of energy sources and buildings, there is a greater need for building projects to include renewable energy resources on-site. Although these resources are ... Read more

Emily Salzberg

The building sector represents approximately one-fifth of Washington’s greenhouse gas emissions, second only to the transportation sector. The building sector has the fastest growing emissions currently. In order to reach ... Read more

Pavan Ryali

The efficacy of cloud-based energy analytics based on rules engines or machine learning is commonly accepted as industry best practice. The performance of the algorithms, however, is rarely quantified. NYSERDA ... Read more

Vytau Virskus

Older buildings are one of the country’s biggest sustainability challenges. Energy-hungry legacy systems cost businesses and taxpayers millions of dollars and waste valuable resources. New technologies for thermal generation, on-demand ... Read more

Dr. Arun Jhaveri

Jack Zeiger

Introduction to design of centralized heat pump water heater systems for multifamily and commercial applications, with an introduction to what is available, with a few case studies included. Resources for ... Read more

Mark Gooden

Bernard Brown

Kami Valentine

Tim Dugan

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