Wednesday, March, 29 | 2:30 PM - 3:00 PM

Session: D1: Energy Equity and Sustainability | Track D: Resiliency and Reliability- Adapting to Climate Trends

Adam Handler

Acuity Brands | Director, Corporate Sustainability & Communications

Presentation Title:

With New ESG Data Demands, Engineers Will Lead the Way Toward Sustainable Operations


As organizations become more committed to reducing their carbon emissions and building more sustainably, the need for precise, real-time, all-encompassing data grows greater. There is growing internal/external pressure for companies to publicly commit to sustainability and transparently share their progress. And, to combat deceptive greenwashing claims from publicly traded companies, the SEC is implementing more rigorous ESG reporting standards, meaning companies will now need to track and share their scope 3 (supply chain) emissions.

In the face of these new responsibilities for organizations, energy engineers are critical handlers in how companies move toward green operations and accurate reporting. Engineers will need to collect more data than ever before, help their peers understand current progress, and become an integral part of how their organization moves forward in their sustainability commitments.

In this presentation, Chelsea Davis and Adam Handler will discuss how energy engineers can be the leaders of their organization’s sustainability journey by tracking and acting on emissions data. He will outline upcoming ESG changes that engineers need to know about and how intelligent data collection will help them and their teams move the needle at the speed needed to meet demand, improve operations and reduce environmental impact.


Adam Handler is the Director of Corporate Sustainability and Communications for Acuity Brands. He helps Acuity measure and manage its own carbon footprint and corporate social responsibility. He’s also leading efforts to help the organization realize its potential as a solutions-provider for customers seeking to manage their own footprints and creating more sustainable spaces. Adam holds a Masters Degree in Public Policy from the Harvard Kennedy School, and a Bachelor's Degree in Government from Wesleyan University. In his spare time, he is an avid cyclist and former Georgia state champion time trialist.

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