Thursday, March, 30 | 2:00 PM - 2:30 PM

Session: D3: Distributed Energy, Microgrids and Energy Storage | Track D: Resiliency and Reliability- Adapting to Climate Trends

Anderson Barkow

BoxPower | Co-Founder

Presentation Title:

Standalone Power Systems as a Resiliency Solution


As of June 2021, California utilities reported that nearly 40,000 miles of bare powerlines exist in high fire-threat areas. The increasing number of fires due to climate change pose a threat to energy security because they destroy powerlines and force energy providers to perform Public Safety Power Shutoffs.
Since mitigating this risk through traditional practices such as hardening or undergrounding costs millions of dollars per mile, BoxPower’s containerized and rapidly deployable microgrid systems can provide utilities with a cost effective, clean, and resilient alternative.

In this session, CFO and co-founder Anderson Barkow will be discussing two case studies, namely the Sagehen Field Station Remote Grid contracted by Liberty Utilities and the Briceburg Remote Grid contracted by PG&E.

Between these projects, BoxPower systems powers residential, local municipalities, and research facilities affected by wildfires and PSPS events in the area.

These projects serve as just two examples as to how energy providers can leverage solar microgrids and remote regions to save money, modernize the grid, and meet their net-zero targets.


Anderson Barkow co-founded BoxPower after spending three years at Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s Corporate and Investment Bank, where he underwrote debt products and managed risk to Fortune 500 technology companies. He brings experience in impact-focused ventures from experiences at RSF Social Finance and Wakabi Boda Solutions, an SMS based app seeking to solve last-mile distribution in Uganda. He is a 2019 Halcyon Fellow, DRK Entrepreneur, 2019 GSBI Fellow, and 2019 Wild Gift Fellow. Anderson graduated magna cum laude with a degree in Finance from Santa Clara University. In his spare time, you can find Anderson backpacking or skiing down mountains.

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