June, 16 | 9:30 AM - 10:00 AM

Track 2D | Renewables and Energy Storage

Bernard Brown

Empire Diversified Energy | Chief Technology Officer

Presentation Title:

Pyrolysis in Waste to Energy


The use of pyrolysis technology for the generation of electricty. This presentation will discuss how using various feedstock to include medical waste has embodied energy and how pyrolisys technology can recover embodied energy for the generation of electricity.


Bernard has over 20 years of public and private experience involving project development. Mr. Brown joined Empire Diversified Energy where he now serves as a Chief Technology Officer utilizing his ability skills to lead teams through project development, execution and organize project priorities to maintain alignment on project goals leading to measurable results. Mr. Brown maintains understanding of waste to energy in project design, permitting, and execution. Mr. Brown utilizes project experience to support the company’s vision of bettering the planet by focusing on projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and enhance resource efficiency.

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