Thursday, March, 30 | 9:30 AM - 10:00 AM

Session: C2: Green Communities | Track C: The Path to a Clean Energy Future

Dr. Arun Jhaveri

AJA/CITY OF BURIEN/SU | Senior Energy/Climate/Sustainability Advisor

Presentation Title:

An Integrated Energy Management Strategy for Accelerated Community Decarbonization


Using the Triad Principle of Sustainable Development - Environmental Stewardship, Economic Prosperity, and Social Justice, a similar Three-Pronged approach is proposed here for community decarbonization - innovative renewable technologies, life cycle cost effective energy management initiatives, and community-based climate action plan for net-zero and clean energy future. Specifically, this Technical Presentation will focus on the five major decarbonization/energy management technology, Program/Project Groups, namely, Buildings/Infrastructure, Transportation/EV, Resource Conservation, Power/Utilities/Industry, and Renewable Energy. The proposed Program Initiative will be based on Replicable Models, Best Practices, Success Stories, and Case Studies.


Dr. Arun Jhaveri has over 35 years of professional work experience and expertise in the inter-related fields of Energy, Environment, Sustainability, Global Climate Change, and Innovative Technologies. He was the First Science/Technology Advisor in the City of Seattle's Office of Management and Budget (OMB); he was the First Mayor of the newly incorporated Sustainable City of Burien, Washington State; Dr. Jhaveri was the Regional Technology Manager for the U. S. Department of Energy in Seattle; Arun received his Doctorate degree from Seattle University in 2006 with the Dissertation entitled "Effective Leadership for Sustainable Development in the Public Sector". Finally, Arun has been a long-standing Senior Member of the AEE; was inducted in the 2014 AEE's HALL OF FAME and a Co-Author of 2009 AEE-published book entitled "Carbon Reduction : Policies, Strategies, and Technologies". He is now a Senior Energy Advisor.

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