Wednesday, March, 29 | 2:00 PM - 2:30 PM

Session: A1: Federal and State Energy Programs | Track A: Optimizing Energy Efficiency

Elin Shepard

CLEAResult | Account Management Consultant

Presentation Title:

Developing Innovative Public Policy as a Roadmap of Efficiency, Equity and Good Governance


Using behavioral energy efficiency alone, the Oregon Department of Administrative Services (DAS) launched a successful sustainability program in 2007 that saved over $500,000 per year in utility costs. While the Great Recession of 2008 challenged the program, its revitalization in 2016 showed the enduring value of sustainability as a driver of efficiency, innovation, and good governance.

Since the first bottle bill in the 1970s, Oregon has enjoyed a long history in energy efficiency and environmental stewardship. A combination of state legislation, executive orders, building codes, and public policy has built a unique framework. Oregon state agencies developed sustainability plans, operational practices, and behavior change programs.

While the governmental umbrella oversees all state agencies, each has its own culture and managerial style. Developing policy that bridges these dynamics has required a delicate touch, rooted in science, equity, and behavioral best practices. For enduring change, such policies need to be justified, trusted, and relevant to leadership, while also supporting staff.

The session will explore:
• The Past: Program creation including key tactics for staff transition and fiscal challenges.
• The Present: Program re-boot and responses to political climate.
• The Future: The roadmap that allows this work to thrive.


Elin provides targeted outreach and education for a utility-based new construction program including presentations to design & development professionals, key community stakeholders and organizations. She works on diverse projects within the government and education sectors to influence design. Through continual engagement with owners and project teams, she recognizes potential for high performance buildings and guides them through the Path to Net Zero. Elin serves as current president for the AEE Columbia River Chapter, serves on the Governing Board of CWEEL, and holds her CEM and LEED AP BD+C.

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