June, 15 | 2:00 PM - 2:30 PM

Track 1C | How Technology Enables Modern Energy Management

Jack Zeiger

Tacoma Power | Energy Conservation Engineer

Presentation Title:

Getting Into Hot Water: Commercial Heat Pump Water Heating for Multifamily Applications


Introduction to design of centralized heat pump water heater systems for multifamily and commercial applications, with an introduction to what is available, with a few case studies included. Resources for further study and help included. You might be surprised how far these systems have come in just the last three years!


Jack Zeiger is currently an Energy Conservation Engineer serving commercial and industrial customers At Tacoma Power. Jack is a mechanical engineer and focuses on new and emerging technologies. He currently serves on the Pacific Northwest Regional Emerging Technology Advisory Committee, focusing on evaluating emerging technologies for energy efficiency for introduction to the northwest market. Prior to Tacoma Power, Jack worked for the Washington State University Energy Program where he specialized in evaluating new and emerging technologies for viability and effectiveness. There he spearheaded the establishment of BPA's Energy Efficient Emerging Technologies program (E3T). He is currently working to help establish heat pump water heaters as a mainstream technology for multifamily and commercial applications.

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