Thursday, March, 30 | 2:30 PM - 3:00 PM

Session: B3: Energy Measurement Success Stories | Track B: Advanced Technologies and Renewable Energy

Jason Beneker

Kite Pharma | Associate Director, Facility Operations

Presentation Title:

Partnering with Automation for Best Results


The energy management and engineering partnership with automation is often overlooked and under cultivated. Your automation representative should be one of your closest allies - this partnership is critical in effective and efficient implementation of operations and controls related initiatives. Inadequate implementation of energy initiatives can not only cause abandoning the project, or worse unexpected increases in energy consumption, it can also give the overall energy program a bad reputation causing the ability to implement future projects more difficult.
It is common for energy efficiency initiatives to be incorporated in a facility design, only for them to go un-optimized or even worse unused or bypassed in the final commissioning and/or by the end user after handover. A common cause of this is a failure in communication between the designer, automation resource, and project & area owners. While this might be down to unclear or ineffective project specifications, sometimes it is just down to ensuring all parties understand what the end goal is. We’ll walk through several case studies of such initiatives.


Jason is the Energy Team and Utility Operations Lead within Kite Pharma's Corporate Facilities & Engineering group. In this role he leads Kite's global energy & water program, and cross site networks which focus on sustainability, utilities O&M, and critical systems. Jason is responsible for energy & water strategy development, utility system performance & monitoring, as well as identification of innovative technologies to optimize operations.
He has experience in the design and implementation of site energy management programs which include accountability for carbon emission and water reduction targets, project measurement & verification, process improvements, and effective portfolio management.
Prior to his experience at Kite, Jason had spent over 15 years in the pharmaceutical sector, focusing on utilities & energy management. Jason earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from Virginia Tech & a Master's in Business Administration from West Texas A&M. He is a Certified Energy Manager, Certified Measurement & Verification Professional, and AEE Fellow.

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