Wednesday, March, 29 | 3:30 PM - 4:00 PM

Session: B1: New Technologies | Track B: Advanced Technologies and Renewable Energy

Jim McEnteggart

HT Materials Science | Sr. Vice President - Business Development (USA)

Presentation Title:

Application of Nanofluids in Hydronic Systems


The addition of nanoscale particles to liquids presents an opportunity to increase the effectiveness of heat transfer, opening the door to enhanced system energy efficiency and optimization. This presentation will introduce the core principles and physics of nanofluids, and then discuss the various applications of nanofluids within the HVAC industry. The addition of nanoparticles improves the thermal conductivity and capacity of the base fluid allowing for greater peak system capacity and improved efficiency at partial loads.
The discussion will cover the pros and cons of several nanofluid chemistries and cover the system parameters that govern the proper application of nanofluids in HVAC systems. Case studies will be reviewed to demonstrate the more common HVAC applications.


Jim McEnteggart is a licensed engineer who has been providing consulting services in building systems for over thirty years. His focus has been on mechanical and electrical systems, related to the optimization of how systems are operated and maintained. Much of Jim’s experience has been in the commissioning of power generation systems, data centers, and laboratories. He became involved with nanofluids when a client engaged him to evaluate the technology for one of their pharmaceutical R&D campuses. He was so impressed he began working with one of the manufactures to help bring the technology to market.
Jim holds a Master of Marine Engineering from the US Merchant Marine Academy, a Master of Business Administration from Marist College, and Bachelor of Marine Engineering from the State University of New York – Maritime College. He has held several certifications related to energy management, maintenance and commissioning over the course of his career.

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