June, 15 | 2:00 PM - 2:30 PM

Track 1B | Commissioning and Auditing

Kami Valentine

Neudorfer Engineers, LLC | Project Manager

Presentation Title:

Boots on the ground RCx & TAB


The importance of hiring a TAB contractor to support with RCx. And the required information the RCx PM shall require from the TAB contractor to collect for their RCx Study. And the responsibility of the RCx to support the TAB contractor.


Kami has a Mechanical Engineering degree from Wahington State University. She has been performing TAB work since 1994, and Commissioning since 2005. She is a NEBB Certified Professional and an ACG commissioning Auhority. She has worked all over the world performing TAB and Commissioning & RCx.

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