Wednesday, March, 29 | 3:00 PM - 3:30 PM

Session: C1: Decarbonization | Track C: The Path to a Clean Energy Future

Kat Janowicz

3COTECH, Inc. | President & CEO

Presentation Title:

Recognizing the Challenges in the Quest for Emission-free Transportation


Carbon pollution set in motion countless initiatives. A slew of mandatory and voluntary measures span from action plans coupled with bold goal setting through technology demonstrations to regulatory actions. In California, fast-approaching deadlines zero in on reducing emissions and the use of petroleum. Electrification and decarbonization have become the keywords in addressing climate change and health risks.
Technology, essential to everyday life, also drives business. But not all solutions are fully developed or commercially available, especially when it comes to powering vehicles, equipment, and vessels to deliver goods to market. Also, while new technology creates new jobs, increased efficiency often eliminates existing ones. How can technology work for everyone?
Technology and infrastructure have steep price tags. Support infrastructure alone can be just as costly as the technology it’s meant to serve. What resources can we cobble together to pay for a sustainable future, and how do we use those resources wisely?
Nothing and no one moves without infrastructure. Building it requires money, materials, and a trained, highly skilled workforce. How do we accelerate the capital projects to ensure capacity and clean energy?
This presentation will highlight some of the choices and the challenges we face in our quest for an emission-free world.


Kat Janowicz is a leading environmental and business strategist in energy, transportation, technology, infrastructure, and global trade. She specializes in assessing clean technologies, demonstration projects, infrastructure upgrades, and their associated risks to support informed decision-making. She has worked closely with private industry, public agencies, and local communities on numerous projects and initiatives.
During her twenty-six-year career, she has come to appreciate the life cycle of products and projects from the planning process to their finished state, including engineering design, construction, operations and maintenance. An expert in process improvement, she puts a premium on education, training, and lessons learned and is frequently invited to speak on these topics. She also serves on the board of several trade associations.
The author of Chasing Zero tells a riveting story about our quest for clean air, the remarkable transformation of the Ports of LA and Long Beach—the busiest US ports—and its impact on international trade.

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