Thursday, March, 30 | 2:30 PM - 3:00 PM

Session: A3: Project Financing | Track A: Optimizing Energy Efficiency

Kaylee D’Amico Allen

GoGreen Financing | Program Manager

Presentation Title:

State-Administered, Utility-Supported Financing Options for Energy Retrofits


Learn more about how you can leverage the State of California's GoGreen Financing programs to enable energy efficiency retrofits. GoGreen Financing is designed to support both property owners and tenants with projects ranging from a single appliance to a whole building custom retrofit. Business owners can access a variety of affordable, flexible private capital financing options with exceptional rates and terms to support their energy upgrade.


Kaylee D’Amico Allen serves as the Program Manager for the GoGreen Business Energy Financing Program, administered by the State of California. Through three statewide financing programs in the residential, commercial and affordable multifamily sectors, GoGreen Financing has facilitated more than $50 million in private capital lending for Californians to complete their energy retrofits. She holds a Master of Public Affairs from Indiana University and a Bachelor of Science in Public Administration from Emerson College.

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