Thursday, March, 30 | 2:00 PM - 2:30 PM

Session: B3: Energy Measurement Success Stories | Track B: Advanced Technologies and Renewable Energy

Kerry Rowland

PSO | Energy Efficiency Principal

Presentation Title:

AMI –Data Rich, Information Poor: How to Turn Smart Meters into a Pot of Gold


Expanding on the concept that most buildings can achieve 10-15% annual energy savings through behavioral and operational improvements. Public Service Company of Oklahoma (PSO)’s Energy Coaching Program assisted customers to find a variety of ECMs resulting in high energy savings with low effort/cost measures using 15-minute interval data from AMI meters. The program fully leveraged AMI data an underutilized utility and customer resource to show how “big data” can simplify energy management conversations with customers and ultimately reduce energy intensity of buildings. PSO partnered with Trane and deployed their Energy Optics tool to create new insights on building performance by creating reports, consulting with customers, and providing ECM recommendations based on the customers’ business needs and budgets. The tool provided customers with 3D load profiles that contained 35,000 data points per year giving building owners a quick “MRI” snapshot of their operations. These profiles helped customers find excessive energy usage during occupied and non-occupied hours, identify high demand times, and benchmark daily energy usage to find best performing days. The program helped customers discover and implement a variety of ECMs which included: schedule optimization, OAT reset, duct pressure optimization, and equipment optimization. The program provided 57 customers with Energy Coaching reports that resulted in four GWh savings. These savings were also measured and verified using the Energy Optics tool once the ECM was implemented. The presentation will highlight three different case studies (church facility, K-12 school, and office building) and provide an overview of the lessons learned.


Kerry Rowland, CEM manages research and development pilots, CVR program, and DSM EM&V activities for Public Service Company of Oklahoma (PSO). PSO’s Demand Side Management (DSM) program promotes energy savings and provides commercial and residential customers with rebates for energy efficiency improvements.
Kerry holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Botany (1994) and Master of Science Degree in Engineering & Technology Management (2002) from Oklahoma State University. She is past president of the Oklahoma Association of Energy Engineers (AEEOK), member of ASHRAE, serves on the board for Sustainable Alliance and Oklahoma Aquarium.
Awards: EPRI Technology Transfer Award (2021), Women in Stem Honoree Tulsa Regional Stem Alliance (2020), AEE Region IV Energy Manager of Year (2018), Frank Condon Award from Environmental Federation of OK for PSO Small Business Energy Services (2018) and Oil and Gas EE Program (2022), AEE Best National Newsletter and Conference for Oklahoma Chapter (2018), American Electric Power (AEP) Innovation Contest “Spark Tank” Winner (2017), AEE Best National Newsletter for Oklahoma Chapter (2017).
In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her husband Bryan and daughter Chloe and taking the family dog (Maggie) for walks.

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