June, 15 | 3:30 PM - 4:00 PM

Track 1D | Decarbonization and the Grid

Mark Frankel

Ecotope, Inc. | Director of Research and Innovation

Presentation Title:

How Decarbonization Drives a Need for Grid Integration


Efforts to decarbonize the building, grid, and transportation sectors are gaining momentum. Successful decarbonization requires the ability to manage building load shapes to respond to the variable nature of carbon-free generating resources. Savvy building projects are also recognizing that building load shape management is critical to mitigating the carbon impacts of building operation, while utilities are beginning to incentivize building load flexibility to support effective grid operation. These efforts have significant implications for building configuration and operation, and designers will be expected to incorporate new features and capabilities into their designs that respond to daily fluctuations in energy pricing and carbon impacts. This session will highlight how building-grid integration will become an increasingly critical part of the building sector, and how design strategies will evolve to incorporate new priorities in the design process.


Mark Frankel is the Director of Research and Innovation at Ecotope, Inc. in Seattle. Mark has been consulting on energy efficiency and sustainable design for over 30 years, and has consulted on hundreds of capital projects and portfolio strategies across North America. He has been engaged in research and policy development focused on leading-edge building design outcomes that magnify and proliferate best practice building performance. Currently Mark is involved in national coalitions to decarbonize building systems, develop strategies for improved building/grid integration, and in the development of innovative codes and policies focused on building performance outcomes, decarbonization, and benchmarking. Mark has served on the boards of the USGBC, ILFI, Cascadia Green Building Council, and the Seattle 2030 District. Mr. Frankel is a LEED Fellow, a member of AIA and ASHRAE, and a licensed architect.

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