June, 16 | 2:30 PM - 3:00 PM

Track 3D | EVs and Transportation

Mark Gooden

Edison Energy | Transportation Electrification Analyst

Presentation Title:

The Role of Electric Vehicles in Reaching Carbon Reduction Goals


Transportation is the largest source of GHG emissions in the U.S., accounting for 29% of the nationwide emissions total. For many corporations, reducing carbon emissions from transportation becomes an important tool towards decarbonization. Fully electric vehicles do not have tailpipe emissions, and the electricity that fuels them can be significantly less carbon-intensive than gasoline or diesel.

In addition to having environmental benefits, electric vehicles cost much less to operate. Converting vehicles powered by an internal combustion engine to an electric fleet can reduced operating expenses with lower fueling and maintenance costs. The initial capital cost can also be offset with vehicle rebates, grants, other incentives – which builds a positive case for electrification.

While there is no one size fits all approach to net-zero emissions in transportation, there are some general considerations to keep in mind in your vehicle electrification strategy. During this presentation, I will review role electric vehicles can play in reaching carbon reduction goals and get into the key steps and conversations in creating a plan to electrify fleets. With the right plans, fleets that electrify significantly reduce carbon, meet day-to-day operational needs, and enjoy significant cost savings.


Mark is a Transportation Electrification Analyst at Edison Energy. In this role he provides data analysis of EV data, reporting, and market trends. Mark works with large sets of data to identify cost savings and carbon reduction to help guide clients transition to electric vehicles. In addition, he has strong background in conducting economic feasibility studies and analyzing and identifying trigger points that expedite or hinder program adoption. Mark has a Master of Science in Energy and Sustainability and a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Science from Northwestern University.

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