Thursday, March, 30 | 3:30 PM - 4:00 PM

Session: B3: Energy Measurement Success Stories | Track B: Advanced Technologies and Renewable Energy

Saverio Grosso

Edison Energy | Managing Director

Presentation Title:

Leveraging EBCx to Develop a Long-Term Energy + Carbon Reduction Plan


As legislation and notoriety surrounding carbon emissions reductions expand, building owners
are developing long-term strategies to achieve very lofty goals. Many will turn to the EBCx process
as their first step along the journey to net zero and will use the EBCx process to establish the
foundation for their “behind the meter” strategy. This presentation will show, through the use of a
case study, how EBCx can connect what is happening in the building's mechanical rooms impacts the
decision made in the Board Rooms. Some elements to be discussed include the development of the
EBCx scope to align with larger sustainability goals, how energy conservation measures are
developed, prioritized, and implemented, and how the work completed by the EBCx team both
impacts the site's emissions in the near term and establishes a baseline for future savings. Lastly, we
will discuss how a collaborative training program can be developed to ensure the achieved savings
are continually sustained.


Saverio began his career commissioning aircraft carriers for the US Navy & has served the energy
industry for +20 yrs. He has developed energy reduction programs for leading healthcare &
mission-critical facilities and is recognized for published articles, piloting innovative projects, and
the creation of accredited education programs. Known for his TED Talk presentation style, he is
frequently invited to present to clients & industry stakeholders across varying platforms. Former
board member of the BCxA, adjunct professor for the CUNY School of Professional Studies, and
trusted adviser in the industry, Saverio has earned many achievements, including USGBC NYC Service
Award & Energy Engineer of the Year Award from the AEE NYC Chapter.

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