June, 15 | 3:30 PM - 4:00 PM

Track 1C | How Technology Enables Modern Energy Management

Scott Milne

Rocky Mountain Efficiency Group | President

Presentation Title:

Advanced Efficiency Technologies for Health, Safety and a Rapid ROI


Facility engineers and operators are now working harder than ever to source and vet the latest in operational safety improvements and efficiency technology. The variety of strategies can seem overwhelming when considering retrofits able to effect almost every building system. Scott Milne Founder of Rocky Mountain Efficiency Group LLC, a company that specializes in advanced conservation technologies desires to simplify the retrofit puzzle. They research, test, validate and educate building operators on often unrecognized, rapid payback strategies that reduce both contagion and resources. These solutions save on utilities, improve facility health and services and will protect equipment. Learn how to develop your comprehensive utility reduction plan and how to incorporate advanced technologies without increasing facility viral load. Discover how to balance ventilation efficiency with contagion reduction. Attendees will learn about how these products are soundly based on proven science, tested and how their effectiveness can be validated in their facility.


Scott Milne is the sole owner and operator of Rocky Mountain Efficiency Group, He is the Author of the book Win the War on Covid-19 and the Founder of the 5 Star Facility Disinfection Certificate and the Elite-Room hotel room disinfection and luxury upgrade program. Scott is certified by three of the Nation’s leading authorities of building energy inspection; BPI, RESNET, LEED, as well as being educated by NORMI the premier Air Quality educational organization. Scott serves as; an Facility Efficiency and air quality consultant, successful solar consultant, energy auditor and an energy technologist. He is the editor of the popular “Efficiency Matters” blog, and the founder of the Denver Lodging Engineers Association. Scott is also a skilled public speaker and educator. He has been featured as a key-note speaker in large paid events and has organized free public Conservation Expos.

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