Wednesday, March, 29 | 9:00 AM - 9:30 AM

Session: C2: Green Communities | Track C: The Path to a Clean Energy Future

Stephen Kunselman

University of Michigan | Energy Conservation Liaison

Presentation Title:

The University of Michigan Energy Management Program - GHG Emission Reduction to Carbon Neutrality


The University of Michigan established a Greenhouse Gas emission (GHG) reduction goal of 25% by 2025 using a baseline of 2006. The Energy Management Program of the Office of Campus Sustainability utilizes a combination of energy conservation measures and recommissioning for improving campus building energy efficiency with energy awareness communications to inspire positive energy conservation behavioral outcomes among building occupants.
To achieve the goal requires the teamwork of many to plan, design, implement, and verify the energy conservation measures and recommissioning used to improve the energy efficiency of campus buildings. These efforts by multiple U-M departments and strategic vendors have led to the successful progress in reducing GHG emissions, even as the total square footage of the campus building footprint increases with new buildings and additional occupants due to increasing student enrollment.
This presentation will provide an overview of the U-M Energy Management Program.


Stephen Kunselman serves as the Energy Conservation Liaison for the Energy Management Program of the Office of Campus Sustainability at the University of Michigan. His primary responsibilities include coordinating the development of strategies for minimizing energy usage, disseminating energy efficient building operation information; serving as liaison between the Energy Management Program and other University departments; and monitoring measures taken to improve building energy efficiency.
Prior to his position with the University, Stephen served in local government administration and operations for over ten years. His responsibilities during this time included environmental planning, solid waste operations, public water distribution systems, development review, public works projects, recreation programs and planning, public safety, and political representation. He served as a City of Ann Arbor Councilmember for 8 years.

Stephen received his Bachelor of Science in Natural Resources in 1986, and his Master of Urban Planning and Master of Landscape Architecture in 1990, all from the University of Michigan.

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