Wednesday, March, 29 | 2:30 PM - 3:00 PM

Session: C1: Decarbonization | Track C: The Path to a Clean Energy Future

Troy Harvey

PassiveLogic | CEO & Founder

Presentation Title:

Autonomous Buildings: The Foundation for Net Zero Buildings and Meeting ESG Requirements


Similar to self-driving capabilities that have disrupted the transportation industry, the same scenario is unfolding within the building controls and automation sector. Autonomous buildings provide comprehensive building-side agents for grid networks—the required backbone for interactivity, demand response, and peer-to-peer energy trading. These networks are pushing towards zero-emission cities. Even with today’s foundational, decades-old technologies in place, better controls and commissioning solutions are the best opportunities for addressing building inefficiency, a Department of Energy (DOE) study found.
In this talk, Troy Harvey, founder and CEO of PassiveLogic, will address new and emerging practices that are redefining the building controls and automation sectors. Working directly with the DOE, as well as other influential industry partnerships to truly understand the challenges of buildings, Harvey brings a unique addition to the conversation, showcasing how the world of deep artificial intelligence holds the key to unlocking true energy savings.

The presentation will cover: (1) how a large-scale building optimization is possible and holds the best opportunity to address climate change, (2) why instituting an autonomous building platform reinvents building controls, generating physics-based digital twins of a building’s envelope, equipment, occupants, and environment, (3) the importance of energy efficiency and occupant wellbeing in buildings given today’s changing building needs.


Troy Harvey is the CEO, Co-founder, and chief product architect of PassiveLogic – creators of world’s first fully autonomous platform for buildings. As a technical CEO, Troy has been the main driving force behind the vision of the PassiveLogic platform since its inception, guiding the design direction of each piece of the ecosystem to operate seamlessly across the board. This includes his work on the Quantum Digital Twin Standard — a physics-based ontology for next-generation control and AI that provides the foundation for autonomous systems — as well as directing hardware design and guidance on software implementation.
Troy’s empathic, systems-oriented approach to technology development is transforming the way we control systems and equipment. Optimizing buildings, cities, and other controlled systems is the clearest opportunity Troy sees to contribute to the world’s most pressing climate challenges.

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