June, 15 | 2:30 PM - 3:00 PM

Track 1B | Commissioning and Auditing

Vincent Sage

Northwest Engineering Service, Inc | Senior Commissioning Authority

Presentation Title:

Using an Energy Audit to Estimate Return on Investment for Retro-Commissioning


Costs and savings for retro-commissioning projects vary widely and are difficult to predict in advance because improvement measures aren’t known until after extensive investigation. However, sometimes clients require detailed estimates prior to committing funds for retro-commissioning. This presentation is about a case study project where an energy audit was performed on sample of the equipment and controls. Costs and savings were estimated based on the findings. Actual costs and savings at the completion of the project were within 10% of these estimates. As a bonus we found two additional improvement measures that increased savings by 40% while remaining within 10% of the estimated cost.


Vincent Sage has worked for Northwest Engineering Service, Inc. for 23 years. His first eight years were spent performing Testing, Adjusting, and Balancing of high tech facilities. Subsequently he has commissioned nearly 100 projects containing more than 10 million square feet. Vince takes a hands on approach with a focus on identifying the root cause of each issue and optimizing the performance of existing equipment. He is well versed in a broad variety of HVAC, building automation, and electrical systems and equipment. Vince has significant experience leading Commissioning projects in many sectors, including commercial, aviation, healthcare, and educational facilities.

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