June, 16 | 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Track 3B | Building Success Stories

Wes Hoppler

City of Seattle | Citywide Resource Conservation Advisor

Presentation Title:

Electrification: Recipies for Success


A brief tour through some of the salient points of building electrification from City of Seattle municipal experiences.
This presentation addresses the following key areas:
- Load measurement, right-sizing and sizing
- Replacement System Options
- Key ingredients of an Electrical Diet
- Emergency operation considerations
Key aspects of context that are different than traditional Energy Efficiency Projects are reviewed, as well as the best places to start electrifying a building portfolio to build a track record of success.


Wes Hoppler PE, CEM
Wes has spent the last 10 years at the City of Seattle coordinating energy efficiency work in buildings, including lowering portfolio energy use by 26%. His current focus is the development of a portfolio electrification strategy for municipal building to be accomplished by 2035. Prior to his time with the City, he spent 14 years in the local utility industry between Washington Natural Gas and Puget Sound Energy and 5 years in mechanical and electrical equipment manufacturing.
Wes holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the university of Washington

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