Thursday, March, 30 | 10:00 AM - 10:30 AM

Session: B2: Building Automation and Retrofits | Track B: Advanced Technologies and Renewable Energy

Zack Cornwell

FSG Smart Buildings | National Enterprise Sales

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How BAS Works With ESG


How BAS works with ESG.
Building controls play a critical role in helping an organization achieve its ESG (environmental, social, and governance) goals. Environmental refers to those things an organization can do to alter their impact on the environment and includes things like sustainability and carbon footprint. By automating the systems that control a building's lighting, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC), building controls can significantly improve a building's energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In fact, a study by the Department of Energy found that building controls can reduce energy consumption by up to 30% in commercial buildings (DOE, 2020).
Building Automation also touches on the social aspect of ESG. Things like Indoor air quality, temperature, light quality, and other environmental factors in a building are either controlled or monitored through BAS and have a direct impact on employee and customer health and well-being which can directly impact productivity and customer satisfaction.
At the end of this presentation, the audience will have a better understanding of what ESG is, why it matters, and how Building Automation Systems can help an organization achieve its ESG goals.


Zack is a sales professional with a passion for Sustainability. He is known for his ability to help others understand how Building Automation and Energy Management can impact our planet in a positive way and has become a leader among his peers on sustainability and the ESG movement.

Zack began his career in the Building Automation industry, and quickly became interested in finding ways in which technology could be used to improve Sustainability and support ESG goals. He began to educate himself on these topics and became a go-to resource for his colleagues and clients seeking guidance on how to integrate these principles into their buildings.

In recognition of his expertise and leadership, Zack was invited to sit on several councils for ESG and Emerging Technologies for Connex FM, a leading organization for multisite facilities. Currently, Zack serves as the Executive Vice President for the Building Intelligence Group. In this role, he has worked with industry experts to develop best practices and strategies for promoting Sustainability in the built environment.

In addition to his council work, Zack applies his passion for the environment as a sales professional for FSG Smart Buildings. Based in Round Rock, Texas, Zack is part of the Smart Buildings team's effort to help clients understand the value of Building Automation and how it can support their ESG goals. Zack is driven by a belief that technology can be used to create a more sustainable and equitable world and is committed to working with his colleagues and clients to make this vision a reality.

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