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Hotstart Thermal Management


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Hotstart’s High Efficiency Engine Heater is the next evolution in coolant heating of standby generators. Utilizing proven air-source heat pump technology, Hotstart’s HE Heater maintains a generator’s ideal water jacket temperature during standby mode at a lower cost than a traditional engine heater. Generators 1MW and larger retrofitted with a heater can see savings of 20 – 40 MWh or up to 75% in energy savings annually per generator.

Join Hotstart at AEE West to see the HE High Efficiency Engine Heater on display and learn how air-source heat pump technology can reduce the energy draw and operational costs associated with keeping standby generators heated and ready to start while idle. For over 80 years, Hotstart has been the world leader in engine heating solutions. Our expertise integrating heating solutions on gensets means end-users benefit from the latest technology and experience on how to keep systems at optimized operating temperatures. Partner with Hotstart to reduce your electrical draw and lower building carbon footprint year over year.

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