Exhibitor Alerts

Caution Regarding Unauthorized Vendors and Scams

Trade shows, including the AEE Expo, are susceptible to unauthorized entities that prey on exhibitors and attendees with deceptive offers and scams. If you encounter any offer that appears too good to be true or raises suspicion, your first line of defense should be to verify whether the company is included in our approved vendor list.

Here are some key points to keep in mind:

  1. Attendee List Sales: AEE does not sell our attendee or member lists. If you receive offers related to such lists, be aware that these are not legitimate and should be declined.
  2. Hotel Deals & Offers: If third-party companies approach you with hotel assistance offers, be cautious. These companies are not endorsed by our event, and entering into financial agreements with them can have costly consequences. Avoid unsolicited phone solicitations or requests for upfront payments.

Proceed with care when dealing with companies or vendors not listed as approved by AEE. They may present fraudulent offers or scams. Stay vigilant and protect yourself from unauthorized solicitations!

Approved Vendors

Shepard (Show Contractor)
Expo Genie (Online Exhibitor Toolkit Platform/company)
ATS – American Tradeshow Services (Lead Retrieval, Onsite Registration)
AEE (Housing)
Convention Center (Utilities, Catering)
Reis Birdwhistle or Joe Randell (Photography, Video)
Smart City Networks (Internet, Wi-Fi)
All in the Loop (Event App)