Technology Expo

Bellevue, WA | Meydenbauer Center
May 1-2, 2024

A wide range of industry-leading companies present energy-efficient products, energy management services, and solutions. Register for free to attend the two-day expo.

Whether you are a long-time visitor, new to the industry, or a student looking for an opportunity, you can browse the expo hall, request a demo, meet your next vendor, or catch up with your current supplier in an open, friendly environment.


AEE West Exhibitors

You'll meet companies and organizations that are focused on saving energy for their customers. They may be utilities, energy service companies, equipment manufacturers, or service providers. If you are responsible for, or operating in one of these areas, you need to attend AEE West Expo and see what our exhibitors have to offer.

AEE West exhibitors offer technologies, software, products and services in the following categories:

Exhibitor Forums

Visit the Exhibitor Forum inside the expo hall to attend a brief presentation by one of the exhibiting companies. These presentations focus on technologies, case studies, or new developments that differentiate the exhibitor's products, services, or solutions. If what you see is of value, you can follow up with the exhibitor immediately afterward at their booth.

Expo Forums

AEE Member Booth

The AEE booth is here for you to enjoy. Use it as a meeting place with your colleagues or just relax and recharge.

Stop by to meet the AEE staff. Ask your questions and give us feedback. We love to hear stories about how your membership or certification has benefited you.

Networking Lunches

Experience the power of networking at AEE West's expo hall networking lunches! These lunches provide the perfect opportunity to connect with fellow attendees and exhibitors in a relaxed setting. Share ideas, forge new partnerships, and expand your professional network—all while enjoying a delicious meal. Don't miss out on this valuable networking experience!

AEE Banquet Reception

Opening Night Networking Reception

The opening night networking reception offers attendees a unique opportunity to connect with industry professionals in a relaxed and casual setting. It serves as a focal point for exchanging ideas, forging new partnerships, and expanding professional networks. As attendees gather to enjoy refreshments and lively conversations, they'll find a welcoming environment conducive to meaningful interactions and the sharing of insights and experiences. Whether you're a seasoned professional or new to the industry, the reception is the perfect place to start building relationships.