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buildee® is a cloud-based energy efficiency SaaS platform used to easily analyze, benchmark, and prioritize energy saving and decarbonization opportunities more quickly, less expensively, and with better results. buildee is being used extensively by sustainability, energy efficiency, and engineering firms in the pursuit of sustainability for their clients while also delivering improved productivity and collaboration across their teams and stakeholders. In short, the platform supports multiple methods of aggregating data (even when there is none readily available) and rapidly identifies, prioritizes, and reports on the highest impact energy efficiency, water reduction, and decarbonization opportunities in the built environment. In some cases we have fully digitized these businesses leveraging buildee. The end result is driving more revenue through increased projects and team efficiency.

Come by the buildee booth to learn more about how buildee will significantly increase productivity, shorten your sales cycle and drive more revenue – this means more assessments, more projects and more profitability.
buildee is a solution that automates workflows, centralizes and simplifies data collection and aggregation, automates the majority of reporting and proposal development, and in some instances has fully digitized workflows for energy service companies by integrating with existing systems. The platform is being used to increase client “stickiness” using a Strategic Energy Management module which supports you in guiding your customers along a multi-year path for energy and carbon savings. Ultimately, it results in more projects to sell and implement.

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