Presentation Title:

ESG for Decarbonizing Businesses

Track D: Thriving in the Clean Energy Transition

Session D3: Facilitating an Equitable Energy Transition

Day 2  2:00 pm



ESG has quickly become a hot topic in the market, but what does it mean to your business? Environmental, Social Governance (ESG) reporting is a framework that can help your company become a leader in the race to Net Zero while helping to retain and attract investors and stakeholders. Understand the Net Zero mindset, identify the core challenges that must be addressed for an ESG effort to succeed, and take advantage of the many benefits of decarbonizing and electrifying your operation. The presentation will lay out a roadmap for companies to get started with corporate Net Zero strategies and provide tangible steps for making measurable progress towards your ESG goals,
moving from compliance to performance for a decarbonized building and business.
Learning objectives:
– Understand the definitions of Net Zero, ESG, decarbonization, and building electrification
– Map your path to implementing decarbonization and electrification strategies
– Lead the way on ESG with streamlined data collection, specialized dashboards, and auditable reports
– Monitor and act on current and future ESG risks
– Foster collaboration among stakeholders throughout your organization