Presentation Title:

Leveraging AI to Achieve Grid Resilience and DER Optimization: A Series of Case Studies

Track B: Emerging Technologies and Renewable Energy

Session B2: Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and Tracking

Day 2  9:30 am



Historically, Utilities have had to rely on manual processes for energy efficiency, demand side management, and now EV and beneficial electrification program implementation. Not only does this result in the notorious program silos but it limits the rate of energy upgrade adoption in residences through a variety of tangible and intangible program barriers. Maiven, in collaboration with energy program partners, proves in a series of case studies how recent innovation in Artificial Intelligence enables automation to empower residents to adopt decarbonization strategies and more quickly enroll DERs into VPPs to maximize grid resilience and load flexibility. Through three distinct case studies, with various program partners, we will demonstrate how automation can be employed to:
Increase the number of home energy assessments completed by 300%+
Reduce Utilities cost per kWh reduced by 50%
Increase enrollment in VPPs, DSM and BE programs by 67%
Facilitate workforce development
And, enable continuous M&V for residential energy upgrades
Uniting these program offerings in a tech-enabled way ensures that program dollars go further, energy reduction and program enrollment goals are met more readily, and that utilities have the technology to enable and support the customer relationship of the future.