Presentation Title:

Rapid Decarbonization

Track D: Thriving in the Clean Energy Transition

Session D1: Sustainable Energy in Action: Case Studies

Day 1  2:30 pm


A Case Study from the Los Angeles Community College District has committed to become zero carbon by 2040. Our comprehensive & Rapid Decarbonization with whole institution approach as the nation’s largest district with 12 million square feet of educational space serving 230,000 students annually. Overseeing $14.9 Billion capital improvements program we demonstrate structured, phased approach to decarbonization through our award-winning Integrated Energy Resource Plans (IERPs). We share our end-to-end planning process, implementation progress, and secured funding. The IERP is built on three core elements:
DISCOVERY: Assessing existing energy infrastructure, including electrical and hydronic networks, and planning upgrades.
ANALYSIS: Identifying decarbonization opportunities such as:
• Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
• Boiler Replacement
• Energy Conservation
• Microgrids
• Campus Control Systems
• ACTION: Phased customized action plans to support all nine campuses to take strategic decisions on investments based on Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) analysis.
Our experiences will inform your decarbonization journey.