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Leveraging AI for HVAC Energy Efficiency: AHU Optimization through Continuous Coil Monitoring

Track B: Emerging Technologies and Renewable Energy

Session B1: HVAC, Heat Pumps, and Thermal Energy Networks

Day 1  3:30 pm



This presentation discusses the impact of poorly maintained AHU coils on HVAC systems. Inefficiencies caused by poorly maintained coils have an exponential impact on energy consumption, especially since HVAC accounts for upwards of 50% of all commercial facility energy use.Until recently, coil fouling determination methods were based on either differential pressure testing or visual inspection (NADCA), and neither accurately quantify true coil fouling levels. Inspection intervals also aren’t standardized and vary greatly, leading to maintenance uncertainties and deviations from optimal cleaning frequencies. This often leads to increased energy costs due to operating inefficient systems, or increased maintenance costs from cleaning coils too often.

Here, we’ll introduce a new coil monitoring technology that combines AI machine learning algorithms with traditional HVAC thermodynamic models to determine true “Coil Fouling Levels” in real-time, and with great precision. This cloud-based technology delivers key facility data to help determine ideal timeframes for coil servicing.