Presentation Title:

The Distributed Energy Resources Revolution

Track C: Decarbonization and Electrification Strategies

Session C3: Renewable Integration Strategies

Day 2  3:00 pm



As more and more communities turn to heat pumps and electric cars to solve the climate crisis, electric utilities find that they must meet an ever-increasing demand for clean, renewable energy. In the Pacific Northwest, we have enjoyed an embarrassment of renewable energy riches for more than 100 years. Our rivers have provided ample hydropower — until now. Hydroelectric dams are engineering miracles, but they can’t be made bigger to provide more energy, and we can’t build more. And now, climate change is making it hard to fight climate change. Colder winters, longer, hotter summers and wildfires have all had an impact on electric utilities as we scramble to meet demand. Seattle City Light is rising to meet this challenge with a bold, new vision for Distributed Energy Resources. Come learn how we’re laying the groundwork for a future where more energy is produced and stored in our service territory.