Presentation Title:

The Rise of the Climate Economy and Energy Incentives from the IRA

Track A: Implementing Energy Efficiency

Session A3: Comprehensive Energy Management

Day 2  3:30 pm



The government has passed unprecedented energy legislation these past two years ushering in the upcoming Climate Economy. During this session you will learn about these energy incentives in the built environment. You will learn how Engineers, Owners and Energy Incentive Consultants can work together to promote IRA funding for clean energy property in construction projects.
Learning Objectives:
• Introduction to potentially $1.7 trillion in energy incentives within the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022.
• Review the Inflation Reduction Act enhancements of the Residential Energy Credit (Section 45L) and Building Energy Deduction (Section 179D).
• Run through examples of how energy incentives can be implemented into the funding strategy.
• Learn about the new and improved Clean Energy Investment Tax Credit and how it applies to those renovating and building new facilities.
• Discover how nonprofits are also invited to the energy incentive game along with their architects, engineers and contractors.
• Relate the energy incentives in recent legislation with your Sustainability and Environmental initiatives.
• Learn about ways to market and create value for your sustainable and energy efficient design specifications as they relate to those energy incentives available to your clients.