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What Can We Learn from Thousands of Site Surveys?

Track A: Implementing Energy Efficiency

Session A2: Industrial Energy Efficiency

Day 2  10:00 am



Have you ever wondered what equipment type is most commonly found during a site audit? How about the average number of units in a typical commercial building? Or maybe you’ve wondered what manufacturers show up most often during an energy audit.

EMPEQ’s Fast Site Survey software has helped energy auditors perform efficient and accurate building and energy audits on thousands of projects on 5 continents. Through this experience, EMPEQ has aggregated an immense amount of data on equipment and other infrastructure in commercial buildings. In so doing, we have been able to compile incredibly interesting statistics on the nature of energy audits and equipment inventories.

In this presentation, EMPEQ will reveal the most fascinating trends in site surveys as captured over the past four years. And we will use this data to provide insight on how these findings can help you better audit, create value for your customers, and bring even more efficiency to the energy auditing process in the years to come.