Elie Touma


Energy Sciences | Senior Director


Track A: Implementing Energy Efficiency

Session A2: Industrial Energy Efficiency

May 2, 2024 | 9:30 am - 10:00 am

Decarbonization Plan

How to help an industrial portfolio initiate a decarbonization plan and start the journey to achieve carbon neutrality. The presentation will go over a detailed example and walkthrough of an industrial portfolio decarbonization plan including details of developing the plan, planning steps, what the plan included, final deliverables the major milestones, lessons learned, and the key stakeholder’s role.

Speaker Bio

An energy efficiency consulting professional, with over 18 years of experience designing, developing, implementing, selling, and managing energy efficiency and HVAC projects. These include HVAC systems design, energy savings performance contracts (ESPC), utility energy efficiency programs, and decarbonization plans. Elie speaks four languages and was named one of the Consulting-Specifying Engineers, top 40 under 40 U.S. engineers, and won the competent Communicator Toastmasters International award, the AEE Midwest Regional Energy Professional Development Award and AESP Energy award for individual DEI leadership. Elie is a PE, PMP, CEM, EBCP, LEED AP, and certified diversity, equity, inclusion (DEIB), and belonging specialist.